Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics (Test Bank) 

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Managerial economics is the analysis of major management decisions using the tools of economics. It applies familiar concepts such as demand, cost, market structure, resource allocation, and the like. Managerial economics emphasizes the theory of the firm and employs quantitative analysis in making decisions. Simple models are used to emphasize the most important features of the decision problem.

What is included in Test Bank:

Test Bank contains hundreds of exam questions such as multiple choice and essays created specifically and exclusively for the textbook you are using.  Textbook Authors create the test bank in order to help instructors make effective assessments to the students taking managerial economics class.  Test Bank includes quizzes and tests relevant to the table of content of your textbook.

Some of the famous Managerial Economics textbooks that you can find here:

  • Managerial Economics and Business Strategy(Baye)
  • Managerial Economics(Keat)

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